John Parsons is an Internet Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant who delivers cyber security training workshops to New Zealand Police and government sector organisations. John also works with the Private sector, the Health Sector and the Education sector, delivering workshops to increase protection against Internet-based threats to their information systems, related business assets, personal and clients.


The workshops help organisations and the general public better understand and prepare for the latest security risks and emerging threats.

He is an accomplished public speaker travelling extensively in New Zealand and he is regularly invited to speak via TV and radio.

Subjects include human defence in-depth education, target hardening, data security, threat modelling and social engineering.

Sensible cyber security practice requires organisations to be proactive when considering cyber security inside and outside of the business perimeter. No longer can CEOs and directors focus only on the internal processes that a business uses to deliver its product or service to market.

Many of the issues that organisations are dealing with in relation to data loss and data exposure are due to human error and not solely the failings of IT security systems. Today’s business perimeter stretches into the employee’s home, as the office space has become mobile.

Creating operational standards that are referenced in policy, used daily and maintained through regular workshops will greatly reduce many of the negative situations that organisations experience due to human failings.

Educating employees on their responsibility to ICT security will contribute to the overall security of an organisation?

John works with organisations in the following areas:

  • Social Engineering
  • Threat modelling
  • Incident response and prevention planning
  • Policy development
  • Practical cyber security training for the employee
  • Brand/Identity protection

To contact John Parsons Government and Private sector go here Contact John

Education sector go here www.s2e.co.nz

All communications are strictly confidential.

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